Project Description

A New Love of Co-working MAXHUB helped Distrii Technology build Super Offices

The rent is extremely high in the first tier Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. What can a 5㎡ office offer to a startup company that has limited money? There is an Internet-based commercial property company in Shanghai providing you with a full function working space. You can have conference discussions, business negotiations, remote video collaboration and online trainings in this no more than 5㎡ office. The small space fully satisfies the need of the 85’s generation’s and the 90’s generation’s venture teams in which members prefers a flexible working style.

Distrii Joined Hands with MAXHUB

This is the shared conference space made by MAXHUB and Distrii. Distrii is a co-working space brand that is popular with capital market recently and it just received nearly 200 million RMB in funding. The room is equipped with a MAXHUB platform which is compatible with a wide range of third-party devices and systems. Companies with co-working space only need one key to start their video meetings at any time, and achieve free-access communication between remote teams.

The conference space can adapt to different scenes, for example hotel lobbies, cafes, airports and subways, which has space and is equipped with wifi.

Super Office: rent for 100㎡ office buys services for 300㎡ traditional office building

The founder of Distrii Jing Hu said, “the rent you pay for 100㎡ office can buy services whose level equals to a 300㎡ office of a traditional building. The office can meet the demand of companies that produce long lifecycle products”. The office in his words refers to Super Office that was launched on September by Distrii.

Super Office, using a professional space design, can make a 100㎡-200㎡ area into a private zone. This zone is more suitable for a company which has a perfect organizational structure and which is in its growth or maturity period.

MAXHUB is a conference platform that is highly integrated, compatible, open and extendable. It helped Distrii to achieve the best organization and precisely meet requirements of companies.

The Hotdesk and integrated video conference area are good examples. Staff can use the APP on their mobile phones to book a conference room, and then they come to the Hotdesk where real time mirroring can be achieved through their smartphones and PCs by using MAXHUB.

MAXHUB in the video conference area can achieve remote communication, such as remote conferences and online trainings, which can save money on business trips and reduce the running cost of the co-working space.

Co-working Leads a “Scene Revolution” and MAXHUB Helped Strengthen Distrii’s Advantages of Its Services

The traditional co-working industry sells workplaces and now it developed into selling integrated service. Going through its development, we can find that co-working industry is building its own ecosystem. It creates a scenes-based office service system.

According to the related press, if we do not take space design and location into consideration, lower cost scene-based services will be the key for co-working companies to pull away others in soft power.

Distrii introduced MAXHUB and other intelligent devices, which offer a comprehensive and integrated solution for its clients. MAXHUB also designs an APP that can connect all the intelligent devices in the co-working space, which will provide clients with a full-function, well-equipped, humanized and efficient collaborative service.

In the future, MAXHUB will further improve its collaborative system which will cultivate a new work habit and the stickiness of community. MAXHUB will help Distrii to develop its service advantages and make other competitors hard to catch up, and then Distrii will speed up the expansion of market share.