Project Description

Bank Branches Hopes to Upgrading? MAXHUB Has a Good Idea

The Asia well-known China International Financial Exhibition opened in Beijing Exhibition Center on 27th July, 2017. MAXHUB has an exhibit showing how a Smart Lobby works, which attracted a lot of financial managers and electronics dealers.

The financial market is open now. Competitors from other industries have been pouring into the market. The Internet financial companies create a plenty of opportunities and stimulate the demand. However, traditional banks lacking technology supporting cannot become the driving force for financial industry to reform.

Some dealers said traditional banks cannot attract new clients and marketers, which is the biggest problem for them. MAXHUB’s Smart Lobby is designed for bank, focusing on digital promotional materials, mini salon and VIP services. MAXHUB equipped with intelligent hardware can help marketing scene be interactive. The MAXHUB’s Smart Lobby is intelligent, interactive, unique and promotional.

Mini Salon Better Experiences and Create in-depth Marketing

When bank branches held mini salons, employees used white boards to show their products for clients. However, the writing space was often insufficient and the annotations were unclear. It was not convenient for clients to take notes or pictures.

Thus it is hard to cover all the advantages of a product and the effect of attracting new clients is not very good. MAXHUB’s conference platform creates a new lobby which is both intelligent and interactive. Employees can show the advantages of their products more clearly in this lobby.

MAXHUB is equipped with a digital white board that can realize simulate writing. It has infinite writing space and also supports different smart gestures controls, such as zooming in and out and dragging words or pictures. Clients never need write down notes or take pictures. They only need to scan the QR code produced by MAXHUB and then they can get all the handwriting information on screen.

MAXHUB turns the boring waiting time into marketing opportunities, which indeed realizes that “small investment, big changes”. The advanced intelligent technology can bring various interactions with clients, which will be helpful to enhance the images of bank branches and acquire credibility from clients.

VIP Service: Precise Orientating Creates Demand

A director of a bank business unit said, “many VIP areas or financial planning rooms do not have a role and some even become decorations. Their services only limits on selling financial products”. He believed that the key point of serving VIP clients is providing them with individual financial advice. Thus banks have to understand their VIP’s demands in depth.

Bank employees have to give their precise and professional advice in every face-to-face communication.

MAXHUB’s efficient conference platform can help bank employees better analyze the comprehensive income of their clients. Results will be presented clearly and directly. Employees can use them to further analyze risks and returns for their clients. It will be more likely to resolve clients doubt and it is the true precise service.

If clients want to, they can mirror their tablets and mobile phones on MAXHUB screen. They also can copy all the annotations on the white board by scanning the QR code. It is safe and efficient.

Intelligent Service, Low Running Cost

Bank branches generally need a large amount paper. For example, they require clients to fill application forms and need make lots of leaflets to promote new products, policies and services. Employees have to receive hundreds of clients and they are overwhelmed with their job.

MAXHUB can realize centralized control through LAN, such as sending messages from headquarter, which only needs a few seconds and is very reliable. Employees also can monitor every bank device in real time on MAXHUB platform. Thus MAXHUB helps banks save their manpower and their resources, reducing their running cost.

Bank branches equipped with MAXHUB can offer clients more intelligent and convenient services that traditional banks never could. Now MAXHUB’s users include SPD Bank, Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China Shenzhen Headquarters and China Construction Bank Guangzhou Branch.

Bank branches are under a trend of upgrading. The development of intelligent bank attracts great attention, and it even could cause a new competition in the financial industry. MAXHUB, a platform can share the real-time financial news, has already became a wealth expert who is trusted by clients. Banks using MAXHUB will find more opportunities.