Project Description

Science and Technology Created a New Retail Finance MAXHUB is a New Love of Bank Branches

Bank of Communications, one of the top 5 established banks in China, was declared to be in a strategic partnership with Suning Finance. The other 4 established banks (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and China Construction Bank) have already cooperated with Internet giants including JD.COM and BAT (3 top Internet giants in China are Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent).

Experts said that the more active for big banks to snap up the chance of cooperation with outstanding Internet companies, the more severe for small banks without BAT supporting in market competition.

Trump Card: Movement towards Intelligent Retail Branches

In order to take up the challenge, Bank of Communications played its trump card that changing lane to overtake which means speeding up its transition.

To be exact, the transition refers to intelligent retail branches. The retail revenue of China Merchants Bank, the first one who decided to turn into retail, reached 56.119 billion RMB this year, which is the leading business of the bank.

China CITIC Bank said, “Account Plus and big data technology helped achieve precise and scene-based marketing. Due to it, our number of new retailor developed by Internet increased rapidly.”

Simple and highly integrated retail branches give small and medium banks chance to accomplish transition. The first transition is building an innovative integrated retail service platform. Secondly, the platform is light and can reduce the running cost. Thirdly, it is community-oriented which can offer clients a high quality experience. The final feature of the platform is intelligent, which makes the range of bank services infinite.

Some banks and related organizations have introduced intelligent devices. Take MAXHUB the efficient conference platform as a perfect example. Basing on various marketing scenes, those banks developed a marketing service system whose core is “intelligence+O2O+costomer experience”, which meet the demand of transition from traditional banks to intelligent branches.

An Innovative Integrated Retail Service Platform

The goal of innovative integrated retail branches is that “one client, one account, various products, one-stop finance service”. New branches pay more attention to offering every client an all-at-once convenient service. For example, employees can use MAXHUB, an intelligent interactive platform, to fully introduce various retail products. Clients can experience different finance products at the platform, including investment, credit card, consumer credit and auto finance. The platform will optimize customer’s experiences and maximize the efficiency of bank services.

Light Branches: Versatile Platform, Less Running Cost

Advanced intelligent lobbies broke away from traditional deal-based model that customers have to wait on row of seats and the cash windows are cold and high. It got away from its past cold and unapproachable image and started using MAXHUB to give its clients a face-to-face, one-stop and enjoyable service.

If mobile furniture is available, it only takes you 10 minutes to turn the branch into a mini salon or a meeting room for presentations. Abandoning projectors and white boards, intelligent lobbies equipped with MAXHUB will never have problems like insufficient writing space and unclear annotations of key points.

Community-oriented: Retail Finance Service on People’s Footsteps

With the popularity of Financial Inclusion (a financial system facing all citizens, especially offer financial solutions for vulnerable members), many retail branches expanded their business. Focusing on the community residents, they collect estate management fee and TV license fee on behalf of related departments, and they organize financial lectures and hold some activities about family education or FQ (Financial Quotient) development. New retail branches use MAXHUB to offer individual service. They aim at providing “retail finance service on people’s footsteps”.

Intelligence: Infinite Service Breaking the Limitation of Time and Space

Depending on efficient conference platform, bank branches can offer their clients infinite and exclusive services which can break the limitation of time and space. MAXHUB allows wealth managers to show their wealth schemes clearly and directly. If managers have some complex issues, they can push the button and contact with experts or consultants in the investment team to get a real-time solution.

A new retail financial age means bank branches have to follow the trends of lightness, intelligence and diversification. To achieve these, they have to use innovative technology such as MAXHUB. MAXHUB can help them make new retail intelligent branches that can accomplish their transition from deal-based branches to communication-and-marketing-based branches. Therefore, the new branches can get involved in the Internet age that is full of challenges and opportunities.